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St. John's Church Fortress Newsletters

November 01, 2020

Remember the Lord and Be Thankful   

The COVID-19 crisis has been hard on everybody. It is so easy to focus on all the negative things – masks, shut-downs, distance learning and home-schooling, social distancing, the politicizing of the pandemic, etc., etc. We are all wondering whether it will ever end. But perhaps one of the blessings of this virus is that it teaches us not to take things for granted, whether things we deem of great importance or simple everyday things. Hopefully, it will make us more acutely aware of God’s blessings all around us...

October 01, 2020

From Cope to Hope

This year has been quite the year so far, hasn’t it? Virus fears.  Quarantines. Civil unrest.  Rioting.  Looting.  Violence. Economic uncertainty.  Lost celebrations. Wildfires.  And all of this in an election year!  Is 2020 almost over?!  We’ve had to cope with a lot of things this year.  But cope we have.  We’ve made it through some challenges, and, with God’s help, we will continue to make it through.  In fact, throughout this year our members have been planning for when these challenges are over and we’re ready to move forward with our mission: to preach and teach, live, and share God’s love...

September 01, 2020

Read This Psalm About Our Awesome God and King

Has there ever been a year you can remember stranger and more uncertain than this one?  The world is full of unrest. There are riots, the threat of a pandemic disease, devastating storms, and even the rumor of giant murder hornets from Japan.  On top of everything else there is political upheaval.  What could make things worse than having all of these problems fall on an election year when they are being politicized and exploited for the sake of gaining power and winning an election?  Many of us may be shaking our heads and asking, what’s next? Could there be anything else laid on our plates?  What could be done for an encore?

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